Top 10 Rome Attractions

Rome was the most significant city in the world history. It was a capital of the largest world empire ever. Today, it is one of the most visited city by foreign tourists and it’s known as Eternal City.
Many couples consider Rome as the most romantic place on the Earth and usually spent their honeymoon there.
Rome has a great choice of tourist attractions to offer for its visitors. There are history attractions, culture attractions, entertainment attractions and many other attractions which will make your visit interesting. But, there are top 10 attractions which you surely shouldn’t miss if you visit this magnificent city:
1.The Ancient Colosseum
2. The Pantheon
3. The Forum
4. The Vatican City
5. Saint Peter’s Basilica
6. The Trevi Fountain
7. Palatine Hill
8. The Spanish Steps
9. Piazza Campo dei Fiory
10. Villa Borghese Gardens

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